Google Drive slashes prices, how low will these storage prices go?

Google Drive Price

Google is cutting prices on Google Drive cloud storage. The new price for 100 GB of storage is now set at $1.99 a month down from $4.99...Thats right, you can now store most of your personal data in the cloud for less than it costs to get your morning coffee. 1 TB is just $9.99 a month compared to $49.99 previously. This is targeted at the consumer market but mirrors the way that developer focused cloud is moving as well.

Both Google and Amazon seem to be employing the same strategy with these low prices. Hook consumers into their cloud with dirt cheap prices, then push them towards more involved and expensive cloud services down the road. Data storage is the new gateway drug.

Microsoft has made similar moves with OneDrive. They are offering  7 GB for free and you can add another 50 GB for just $2.00 a month.

The real question is how much lower will these prices go? It seems like data storage is the new promotional giveaway. Wait six months and you may get 1 TB of storage for your email address!

Written By: Sam Watkinson



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