EyeCloud: How a new technology is bringing eye care to thousands

Cloud healthcareA new cloud based technology could help to improve the vision of thousands of children around the world. The cloud has endless benefits for the healthcare industry but most of the time we only hear about benefits for the providers. Now we are seeing healthcare technology take advantage of the cloud to deliver improved healthcare to the masses.

Today 1 in 4 school children in developed countries have undetected and untreated vision disorders, 48% of children under the age of 12 haven't even had an eye exam. VisionQuest2020 believes this is a problem that needs addressing, and they know just how to do that.

VisonQuest is working with schools across the country to bring affordable school based vision screenings to students. Children will wear special glasses while interacting with a video game designed to test their vision quality. The game then streams the results and preferences of each patient to a cloud-based database.

The cloud then stores the child's screening history in an online database. This enables healthcare providers to perform re-screenings year after year without duplicating records. If a student moves, changes schools or goes to an offsite optician the screening history can be easily accessed, allowing the same records to be opened by an examiner when necessary.

So far the new technology has been a huge success, it has been used to screen more than 200,000 children for complications ranging from cataracts, color blindness and retina damage. The test's main benefit besides the flexibility is that the cloud removes the need for a professional to be present. The software provides real-time decisions which are validated via its logic protocol, this means a parent or volunteer can perform the tests without a professional present.

The cloud infrastructure VisionQuest is using even allows screenings to be performed without an internet connection. Once a connection is made the results are consolidated into a password protected, HIPPA-compliant repository with restricted access.

Innovators around the world are continuing to find new ways to utilize the cloud. VisionQuest is one of those innovators, and with continued study and support thousands of children could get the help they need for a potential vision disorder. Supporters are even claiming that the data gathered from these tests could help to guide public health policy and decisions, providing improved information to the public.

Written By: Sam Watkinson

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