How to avoid the unexpected costs of IT

scalabilityIT can be expensive, but most of the time it is a necessary expense. The most frustrating part about IT is not how expensive it can be, but how unpredictable these expenses are. Spending $10,000 on a new server is a pain but if you are able to budget for this expense and know when it is coming it becomes much more manageable. The problem with IT is that your server can die and all of a sudden you need to write a check for $10,000 with a weeks notice, not an ideal situation to be in.


According to a study performed by Emerson Network Power, a company loses about $5,000 a minute during a server outage or server downtime. Now this value may be much lower for a small company but the fact remains, server downtime is expensive. The lost productivity and time spent trying to fix the issue is cause enough for concern, let alone the lost business and expense of getting the problem fixed.

Hardware and Software

Most offices worst nightmare is when a server completely fails and decides to pack it in. The hardware costs alone can be around $10,000 and go up from there. On top of this is the cost of software, installation, migration and support. All of which add up and soon you're staring down a bill for $30,000.

The Solution

Ok, we get it a server failing is bad news but what is the solution? One way to avoid these hardware costs and server failures entirely is by moving to the cloud. The cloud takes the server out of that closet and removes the possibility of it failing in the first place.

The chances of a cloud provider's infrastructure failing are significantly lower than your own. They have the sole focus of providing a robust and redundant cloud service, investing much more into IT than any one business would be able to. This removes the fear and costs of server downtime allowing your employees to focus on the business at hand, not IT problems.

Written by: Sam Watkinson

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