Throwback Thursday – Life before the iPhone

This was a big week for Apple, on Monday they announced iOS 8 at WWDC. The new release has a ton of upgrades and is a definite sign of things to come from Apple, you can read more about the announcements here.

To mark the occasion we thought that we would take a look back in time to see what life was like before the iPhone.


Back in the day when phones were exclusively used for texting and phone calls you were the coolest kid in school if you had a Razr.

To go along with your phone you of course needed your music. That is where this revolutionary device came in. The iPod really was the catalyst for all of the smartphones and devices we have today.

Boy do I miss these. Let me introduce you to my childhood, the Game Boy Color. Before the rise of Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja this was your best friend. I can still remember the countless hours spent playing Pokemon.

Don't forget the camera, this was absolutely essential for all parties and events. Just a heads up, your phone now has almost triple the megapixels that this Canon had.

These are all just the basics of what the current iPhone is capable of and it all fits in your pocket. Truly incredible what has happened over the past 7 years.

Written By: Sam Watkinson

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