Throwback Thursday – What is in my Desk?

For this weeks throwback thursday I decided to look in my desk/apartment to see what old relics of technology I had lying around. Now I'm only 23 years old so many of our more technologically experienced readers may scoff and say things like "hrmph this is modern technology!" or "back in my day" but for me this is a throwback.

The Sony Walkman

Oh yes, my old friend. She was reliable as she was resilient my old Sony Walkman. Pre iPod days this was my escape from reality as I sat on the school bus with my L.L. Bean backpack listening to the Offspring, Linkin Park or whatever other CDs would fit in my backpack that day.

Burn me a CD



What good is a CD player without a perfectly constructed mix CD? Oh the hours spent making the perfect CD for a long car ride, field trip or that girl you liked in your 7th grade math class...Kelsey we could have had something special.

The Gameboy

Do I need to say anything more? If you weren't playing Pokemon on your Gameboy Color in middle school then I honestly don't know what you were doing.

The 90's Alarm Clock

To be honest with you, I still use an alarm clock extremely similar to these in my bedroom. Its pushing 20 years old and it still runs like a champion.

The Razor

OK so this wasn't in my desk but it is in my apartment and this was a staple back in the day, the ultimate form of transportation. Bonus points to you if you had a wheelie bar.

Written By:
Sam Watkinson

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