Throwback Thursday – 5 years ago at ILTA

ILTA 14 is right around the corner, this week long event has showcased the latest in legal technology for nearly 40 years. To help get everyone excited we thought that we would dedicate a throwback Thursday to showcase what was at ILTA 09.

The Technology

The first iPhone

The first iPhone was released in July 2008, in 2009 the app explosion was in full swing with over 2 billion apps downloaded in 2009 alone (that number is now at 50 billion). On another note satelite navigation was just coming to mobile phones in 2009, I don't know about you but I'd be eternally lost without sat nav on my phone.












Twitter was just starting to gain some serious momentum in 2009. In the 5 years since, social media has completely changed the way we promote and interact with our customer base, now Twitter is everywhere, ILTA even has its own hashtag this year #ILTA14.

Windows Vista

Oh yes, I bet you were hoping that you would never have to see this logo ever again. The dreaded Windows Vista, it seems like Microsoft has been trying to dig its way out of this ditch for the past 5 years and I would say that they are pretty much there. But please, Microsoft never again.

The Topics

The Great Recession

2008 was the year of the housing crisis and the start of a long recovery that is still in progress. The main focus of ILTA 09 was "Leading Technology, Optimizing Value" the recession had everyone running on a lean budget and ILTA was focused on finding the best ways to maintain the legal industry's IT while they weathered out the storm of the recession.


Blogging was in its heyday back in 2009, most companies and thought leaders had a blog showcasing their knowledge and advice. ILTA 09 hosted many educational seminars focused on how to effectively market a law firm with a company blog, you can actually find the blog from ILTA 2009 here. The funny thing is now in 2014 the blog and what we now call content marketing or inbound marketing has seen a huge resurgence and is now the way many businesses promote themselves, combined with social media it can be a very powerful tool. Hence why we are writing this today!

This years conference offers a completely different range of topics from 5 years ago, which is a great thing. With the economy coming back to life the focus is now on looking ahead to the future and using technology to help shape future strategies. We are looking forward to the great speakers and educational sessions, see you all there!

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