How the Cloud is helping to map Crime

Cloud-CrimeCrime mapping has been around for years, it dates back to the 1800's and the New York City Police department has been using it to track criminal patterns since the early 1900's. Now with increased technology we are seeing the cloud help to track the country's criminals.

How is the Cloud going to help?

Tracking criminals by today's standards requires a lot of technology, infrastructure and most importantly money. These are things that developing nations often don't have a lot of, thankfully the cloud can help to alleviate most of these issues and get these developing nations the criminal tracking technology that they need. There are now several cloud start-ups that specialize in criminal tracking, these start-ups offer their services to these developing nations removing the need to invest in infrastructure.

Here is a quick list of some of the companies currently offering cloud based criminal tracking:

The Advantages

The main advantage to these cloud based crime-mapping services lies in their analytic abilities. These services can provide users with insight into density analysis, trends, buffers all kinds of analysis that help the user better understand the crime in their area. As the cloud continues to grow and become more affordable I'm sure we will be seeing more countries and Police departments take advantage of these new opportunities.

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