A Day in the Cloud

A Day in the CloudNot too long ago the cloud used to be nothing more than a large fluffy thing in the sky, oh how times have changed. Nowadays “cloud” means so much more and it seems like everything we use in our daily lives involves the cloud in one way or another.

From the moment I wake up in the morning I am instantly sent to the cloud. I check my emails on my phone while I help myself to some coffee, I check my social media while waiting for the dogs to come back inside and then check the weather without even stepping outside.

According to the weather app on my phone we are supposed to get a foot of snow (welcome to New England), so I think I will work from home today. I grab another cup of coffee open up my iPad and login to the cloud, instantly transporting me to the office. I have all of my work applications and documents right on my iPad in a few seconds and now my office is the couch in my living room. Makes you wonder why anyone goes into the office anymore.

By the time I have lunch I have revised and sent all my PO’s and have checked to make sure all of my shipments will be here on time, despite the snow. My pricing research has all been updated and I have notified all my vendors on the most recent purchases, all without leaving the couch. And it’s all thanks to those beautiful fluffy clouds in the sky.

After work is finished I get a Skype call from my grandson who lives in Texas, we talk for a while and figure out travel plans to visit one another, I logon to my airline’s website and check for flight times and purchase a ticket. After that I sit back down on my couch and turn on the TV where I can find and stream all of my TV shows and movies instantly thanks to Netflix. Meanwhile, my wife is using the iPad in the other room to share pictures of our grandchildren with her sister. Guess what, all of this is powered by cloud computing.

Now I know there is much deeper technical side to the story here about how this all works, but I am not an engineer so I won't pretend to be one. What I do know is that the cloud is completely embedded in our daily lives, in more ways than I just mentioned. From checking the weather, to working from home, to watching a movie, we are surrounded by it. It makes our lives infinitely easier and more enjoyable and the possibilities are endless. So embrace it, jump into the cloud and make it part of your life just like I have, chances are you already half way there.

By: Claudio Elias
Purchasing Manager at TOSS C3

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