Microsoft Update: Huge change on the way, Gates may have to step down, Nadella in as CEO

Microsoft is considering having Bill Gates step down as Chairman of the board of directors and naming Satya Nadella as Microsoft's new CEO, according to a Bloomberg news report.

It seems to be a major time of change at Microsoft, shareholders haven't been happy recently - having pretty much forced Steve Ballmer into his exit as CEO - and have now focused their sites on Gates.

Intel to Reduce Workforce by 5 Percent this Year as Sales Slow

Intel announced that it is expecting a decline in its workforce this year due to their 4th quarter earnings report. The world’s largest chip manufacturer said Thursday that it saw signs that the PC market was stabilizing, they announced that 4th quarter profit was up 6 percent year over year, to $2.6 billion, while revenue increased 3 percent to $13.8 billion.

Cloud Computing For Businesses: How Much Are You Really Using?

Cloud Computing For Businesses: How Much Are You Really Using?
In the past, think about how companies used to do business. Manpower was one entity that simply needed to be fetched as per necessity from wherever it is available. Whichever industry you work on—automotive, technology, construction, media—you needed to gather critical expertise to work for an organization in your area.

The State of the Cloud 2013

The State of the Cloud 2013
Where the Cloud is now and the Forecast

This year has seen an incredible adoption of cloud computing and cloud innovation. Organizations have been developing an ever increasing need for secure, reliable and redundant access to the cloud, they now need their information at a moments notice with no downtime.