Throwback Thursday – The Car Phone

Back in the 80's or 90's you may have seen one of these rare creatures in wild, an ordinary telephone mounted on the center console of a car. Back then these car phones were very expensive and seen as a luxurious high end piece of technology. It seems strange to say that now since we all carry around mini computers in our pockets with our smart phones, but 25 years ago this was the tool of the rich and famous.

Is SaaS right for you?

The idea of providing software to customers for a fee without the need for investments in IT infrastructure or staff has been around for decades. In the 1970s it was called Timesharing. Back then, companies utilized Timesharing services as their primary source of IT applications or as an extension of in-house IT applications, thereby avoiding additional infrastructure investments.

10 Gadgets that will always have a place in our Hearts

Our gadgets come and go and eventually they all come to see retirement. Some stay longer than others though, and a select few live on today as legends of the past. Here are 10 gadgets that you may remember and even miss a little bit.
1. Apple II

The new iPhone 6 may have 10x the processing power of this relic but without this computing legend that iPhone may not even exist.