Throwback Thursday – The Educational Movie

Ah yes the educational movie during class, there truly was no better feeling than walking into a classroom and seeing one of these sitting there. Just knowing that for the next 45 minutes you could sit and relax would instantly brighten your day. Who knows, maybe one day during a staff meeting the boss will roll in one of these and you will be able to experience that feeling once more.

10 Reasons Why 2014 Is The Perfect Year For SMBs To Move To The Cloud

As we see 2013 moving further and further away in the rear view mirror, I wanted to reflect on one of the most significant technology advances in 25 years that occurred full swing last year. It is now not only easy but extremely prudent for small to medium sized businesses (SMB) to move to the cloud right away!
A Mixed Batch Solution
Over the years, I’ve held many sales and sales management positions and have worked in partnership with most of the large Technology companies like Microsoft, HP, IBM, EMC, Oracle, NetApp, and a few more.

The cloud Ponzi schemes have started. Buyer Beware.

Last week the Security and Exchange Commission shut down a worldwide pyramid scheme that was targeting Asian-American, Hispanic and foreign investors promising high returns for investments from cloud computing services. WCM and WCM777, the companies behind the scheme, raised more than $65 million in 2013. They promised gullible investors that they could double their money in 100 days by investing anywhere from $300 to $1,999 in cloud services.