How this Fathers Day was all about the Cloud

It was a great Father’s Day this year. The temperature was perfect and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. However, no matter the weather or what we did to celebrate it seemed the Cloud was following us around everywhere we went. Let’s take a look at how the Cloud changed even my Father’s Day:

First on the agenda was a Father’s Day classic that technology could never change; Breakfast in bed.

Doctors improve cancer care with the cloud and big data

Big data has already transformed government and industry, granting never before seen insight into how the world works. Now doctors and the medical world are beginning to apply this new insight into cancer treatment. The American Society of Clinical Oncologists now has a working prototype for a "learning health system" called CancerLinQ. This system collects and analyzes cancer care data from the millions of patients that are treated for cancer each year from around the country.

IBM claims to have top spot in the cloud, Amazon isn’t so sure

IBM came out with guns blazing at Amazon on Friday. The morning after Amazon announced its 4th quarter earnings IBM claimed that it is on top of the cloud, not Amazon Web Services.

An IBM representative gave this statement about how Amazon’s full-year “other” revenue, which includes AWS, was $3.9 billion comparable to IBM’s $4.4 billion.