Why Reliability Is The Buzz Word For Cloud in 2014

Why Reliability Is The Buzz Word For Cloud In 2014
Any discussion of cloud adoption primarily boils down to two important concerns – data security and cloud reliability. A study conducted by Tata Consultancy Services sometime back revealed some interesting insights – while customers in Europe and Asia-Pacific saw data security as the most important parameter while picking a cloud vendor, their counterparts in the US and Latin America wanted reliability more than security.

How Groupon used the Cloud to become the fastest growing Company ever

As I sit here on vacation, wading in the nice fresh water of Lake Winnipesaukee and breathing in the fresh New Hampshire air, I find myself with my iPad connected to the Cloud and the world as if I were sitting at home. With my Newstand app I can download the latest issue of my favorite tech magazine, CPU: Computer Power User (in case you were wondering), stream all my music through iTunes and even let my son watch the latest Mickey Mouse episode with the Disney Junior app.

How the Cloud is powering the World Cup

Live Streaming
This year’s World Cup has seen some of the latest goals and highest scoring games in the history of the cup. There have already been more goals in this World Cup than in 2010 and we haven't even reached the semi finals yet. This all creates some great drama, but the truly amazing thing is how many people have been able to watch and interact with all of this excitement.

How you are already using the Cloud every single Day

It’s 2014. The Year of the Cloud. Some of us still aren't sure if the Cloud is right for us. But how do I know when it’s the right time for me? (By the way, we show you exactly what you need to know about the cloud to help you with this decision in our free cloud report here, shameless plug over).

I see it everywhere, it’s all around me.