The Future of Education is in the Cloud

One of the most useful applications for the cloud is in education. With the help of cloud technology schools will be able to provide more effective resources to students while spending less. Students can now go to school online for a fraction of the cost of a full time college, there are even resources online that are completely free of charge changing the education landscape entirely, all thanks to cloud computing.

How Groupon used the Cloud to become the fastest growing Company ever

As I sit here on vacation, wading in the nice fresh water of Lake Winnipesaukee and breathing in the fresh New Hampshire air, I find myself with my iPad connected to the Cloud and the world as if I were sitting at home. With my Newstand app I can download the latest issue of my favorite tech magazine, CPU: Computer Power User (in case you were wondering), stream all my music through iTunes and even let my son watch the latest Mickey Mouse episode with the Disney Junior app.