Throwback Thursday – Relics of Technology turned into beautiful Art

When old floppy disks and phones sit in the junk drawer of your office they really lose most of their beauty. Well Jim Golden, a renowned commercial photographer, has emptied out the junk drawer and turned these relics of technology into art. The results are truly amazing, they inspire this complete sense of nostalgia and I'm sure will bring back some great (or frustrating) memories.

Throwback Thursday – 7 ways to make use of old Tech

We talk a lot about new innovative technology here at TOSS sadly however, technology does not stay innovative for long. This raises a major question, what am I supposed to do with all of these leftover pieces of old tech? Well I'm glad you asked because the answer is simple, CRAFTS. Thats right, its time to take those old relics and turn them into something useful once more.