10 Gadgets that will always have a place in our Hearts

Our gadgets come and go and eventually they all come to see retirement. Some stay longer than others though, and a select few live on today as legends of the past. Here are 10 gadgets that you may remember and even miss a little bit.
1. Apple II

The new iPhone 6 may have 10x the processing power of this relic but without this computing legend that iPhone may not even exist.

Throwback Thursday – Welcome to the 1970’s

Welcome to the 1970's, a decade full of Led Zeppelin, hippies and the birth of the personal computer. Watch as the lady in pink walks into the future (or the light at the end of the tunnel) with her personal, portable computer, and this brightly lit future can be yours for the low price of $1795! Sadly people don't look at me with the same expression when I walk into a room with my laptop.