5 Ways Cloud Computing Improves Collaboration

Are you looking for ways to improve collaboration around your organization? Tired of people failing to participate, document version management getting out of control, and lacking the visibility to manage project collaboration? If so, cloud computing is the ideal solution. Here are some of the ways that you can improve collaboration by centralizing the data and enabling access via the cloud.

1. The Cloud Keeps Collaborators Organized

Is organization a problem when your teams try to collaborate on a large, ongoing project? The cloud can help you get everything organized and keep it that way.

Working on a project can often be fragmented in such a way that it is all but impossible to keep everything organized and on track. Some of the files are in email hiding between notices of Rob's retirement party and memos about the new parking arrangements, other documents are on somebody's thumb drive somewhere with their baby photos and a grocery list, and still more exist only in print form in the project manager's cubicle. There's more chance of finding Jimmy Hoffa alive, well, and munching on a chicken wrap in your cafeteria than getting it all together in an easy-to-follow format. With centralized cloud storage, you can create, brainstorm, edit, and manage all of the related files, documents, and data easily and without hiring a search party complete with a K-9 unit.

2. The Cloud Improves Participation in Collaboration

With centralized storage solutions made available via cloud computing, it is easy to see who has (and has not) participated in the creation, development, editing, and finalizing of any given file, document, or project. Plus, the files and data are easily available from workers' home computers or when they're out of town on business, or even while they're waiting for the train in the mornings. You'll find it much easier for people to collaborate on your projects, even when they are out of the office, as well as easier to track when someone's slacking in their responsibilities. Not that your team would do that, but some teams might ...

3. The Cloud Provides Better Access to Larger Files for Collaboration

One of the most significant hindrances in collaborating is sharing large documents and files, such as CAD renderings or other media-rich files. Since it's impossible to email these documents, people are often working on old, outdated versions, or are simply not able to share in the collaboration efforts at all. Workers using laptops or tablets may not even be able to store the files locally on their hard drives. Cloud computing and storage fixes all this by making those gigantic files readily accessible to all workers on most any device.

4. The Cloud Allows for Real-Time Updates

With the cloud, you don't have to halt progress, hold a big meeting, and then try to chase down all the files and documents that don't reflect the changes. Just notify the team and update the documents.

What happens when a dozen people are working on a project and one person receives an important call from the client that changes the entire focus of the effort? This usually requires calling an emergency meeting, halting all work until everyone can be notified, and a lot of chasing down versions of the files that don't reflect the changes. With cloud computing, everyone can be immediately notified, and all of the files and documentation that need to be altered are right there at everyone's fingertips.

5. Keeping Sensitive Documents More Secure

One of the most crucial aspects of managing projects today is data security. Much of the data your teams need to work on can't be emailed or shared via instant messaging or other such platforms, because the data is either regulated or governed internally. With centralized storage and access by only authorized users, you can remain in compliance while keeping your sensitive corporate and/or customer data safe and secure.

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