How to remove those IT headaches

I can imagine you may be experiencing nightmare of a headache, and with all of this talk about what the cloud can do for you and why it could be the best decision for your company I don't blame you. There are so many questions and a lot of white noise surrounding the answers. I am going to try and clear some of these questions up, not with what the cloud can do for you, but why it can help you.

When should I move?

Now is a great time to start considering the cloud and I’ll tell you a couple of reasons why. First, a driving factor is the fact that internet service providers these days are more capable of providing faster and more reliable internet connections at a cheaper cost than that of a T1 connection, which in the past was a primary means of connecting. This essentially removes a barrier to creating a robust cloud solution. The cloud relies almost solely on a reliable internet connection, ISPs are now providing more reliable and powerful connections for less, making it a great time to use the cloud. The second driving factor has been the tremendous development of software capabilities over recent years. This allows for cloud providers to more efficiently manage and seamlessly integrate your company information into the cloud. Previously this was a very labor intensive and hands on task, though there is still some heavy lifting (literally, these servers are not light), most of the integration can be done remotely thanks to these new software innovations. Essentially this means less downtime and fewer resources being taken from your business during a transition.

Why not?

The question really isn't about why you need to be in the Cloud, the question is Why Not? Why do you bully yourself with yearly renewal reminders for software licenses, hardware warranties or even the financial responsibility of depreciating your IT infrastructure? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone else take care of all these things for you? Well, if you think about it that is exactly what being in the cloud means. Imagine for a minute that you are in a world where you do not have to worry about network downtime, waiting for software updates, the uncertainty of how long your server will last, or most importantly the cost of keeping your critical IT infrastructure running.

Remove the headache

Now, I’m not saying the Cloud is your savior (maybe in some cases), and I’m not telling you every single IT problem is going to be resolved the morning after your make the decision to move into the cloud. I wish I could tell you that but unfortunately that’s not the case just yet, and anyone that guarantees you of that is someone I would be cautious of. What I am trying to say is get rid of your IT headaches and let the cloud worry about managing the IT that is the foundation of your business. When you do this I can guarantee that you will feel immense relief by knowing that your business can run without you having to worry about all the finite details of managing your IT. Sure small issues will pop up here and there, nobody's perfect. But you won’t have to handle these issues, a simple phone call is all you need to do, the rest will be taken care of. This means you can then start focusing on the direction of your company, the productivity of your employees and how you are going to take over the world. You know, the important things.

Written By Chris Bates
Cloud Support Center, Team Lead

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