3 Issues that the Cloud can help to fix right now

the cloudEarlier in the year, I wrote a blog about why 2014 is the perfect time for SMBs to move to the cloud. Now, as I look at the 2014 calendar, it shows me that we are almost half way through the year and summer is just about here! In my article, I wrote about one of the most significant technology advances in 25 years that really took off full swing in 2013, and how now it is not only easy but now extremely important for small to medium sized businesses (SMB) to move to the cloud right away.

The summer is a great time to reflect on the year so far and assess any issues or concerns in your company and tackle them head on. In this post I am going to focus on a few main issues that you may be experiencing and explain how the cloud can help to solve these for good.

1. Productivity
Employee productivity is constantly a concern for management. They want to make sure that their employees are motivated and have the right tools to be as productive as possible. Unfortunately technology can sometimes get in the way of this, poor tools and downtime can combine to slow down business or even cause someone to miss a business opportunity entirely. Cloud computing is a great way to ensure that employees have the tools they need to stay productive. In a recent VMware study of IT decision makers from round the world 41% stated that increased productivity was a major benefit of the cloud. It’s no wonder why cloud productivity suites such as Office 365 are quickly becoming the norm.

2. Flexibility
Remote access is something that many companies struggle to provide for their employees. This flexibility is becoming even more important as employees become more mobile and often work from home. Cloud solutions can once again help to address this problem. With a company’s data in the cloud employees can access their information and desktops from anywhere at any time. This allows for increased flexibility and the ability to pretty much work from anywhere.

3. Reliability
How productive we can be is often dictated by how our computers want to behave that day. If for example, your email is down or files are lost then chances are pretty good that your work will have to wait until that problem is fixed. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re busy. Though I wish I could say that a cloud solution will give you 100% uptime I can’t, we aren't quite there yet. However, if an issue does arise a cloud provider will be able to log in to your system and fix that problem in a fraction of the time it would take with a traditional in-house setup. This reduces downtime and keeps your business up and running.

The cloud is a very powerful tool, and this quick list is just scraping the surface of how your business can utilize it. To find out more about how the cloud can benefit your business check out our free cloud report below!

Written By: Tom McElligott
Senior Account Executive, TOSS C3

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