Kickstarter Reaches $1 Billion in Pledges

KickstarterOn Monday Kickstarter announced that it had passed $1 billion dollars in pledges to start up projects. How this money was raised is the interesting part.

Since 2009 Kickstarter has been grabbing headlines, asserting itself as the leader of the crowdfunding game. On Monday Kickstarter set this in stone when they announced that it had passed it's $1 billion pledge milestone.

According to the company more than half of that money has been raised in the past 12 months, some rapid growth indeed. One of the more interesting facts about Kickstarter's crowdfunding is that the majority of the money comes from repeat contributors. About $619 million can be attributed to people who have backed more than one project, a sign that this startup is fostering a sustainable foundation for crowdfunding.

Some other insights they released include:

  • 5.7 million people have pledged money on Kickstarter.
  • 15,932 users have backed more than 50 projects on the website.
  • Users from all seven continents have pledged money to a project.
  • The U.S. accounts for more than half of all money pledged on the site.
  • Wednesday makes the most money

Crowdfunding seems to be picking up some serious steam, thanks in part to Kickstarter. Whether or not the trend will continue is anyone's guess, this is new territory, and Kickstarter is blazing the trail.

Written By: Sam Watkinson

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