5 ways the Cloud is changing how Engineers work

TOSS CloudWhen configuring your client's new workstations to work in the cloud there are plenty of things to look forward to as an engineer. I remember at past jobs how much manual labor was needed to replace a workstation. Some people had had their computers for over a decade. Replacing a computer that has been around that long took a lot of work, and since technology is constantly changing it was almost impossible to make the new system exactly the same. There were always issues, whether it was Microsoft releasing a new version of their operating system, applications that wouldn't transfer over or loss of data, there was always something. Luckily for me (and engineers everywhere) the cloud has removed most of these headaches entirely. With that being said here are the 5 things engineers should know about the cloud.

  1. Time - It was always tough to get a good estimate on the time it would take me to replace a computer. Depending on how slow the computer was and how much data it contained, it could have easily added 1-5 hours to my onsite trips (should've been 2 hours tops). Now with the cloud I can give the customer a much more accurate timeframe of how long a job will take, making both our lives much easier.
  2. The easy set up - Some clients have 20+ applications for me to install, not to mention configuring them after they were installed, this can add hours to a job. In the cloud this doesn’t happen, once they are configured in the cloud they are all set. The client can replace their computer as much as they want, setting up the workstation will take minutes regardless. Not to mention their settings and data won’t change a bit.
  3. Ease of use- Basically, the cloud is simple to get up and running. Instead of having to manually set up multiple workstations I can set up an entire office simply by selecting the applications each user needs and then click ok. The cloud takes care of the rest and each user will have all of their applications available to them in minutes, not hours or days.
  4. Backup - Other major issues I faced in the past had to do with clients not backing up their workstations. I get it, people are busy and backing up a computer is hardly the first thing on a to-do list. Once again it’s the cloud to the rescue, no longer do you have to ask your onsite engineer if you’re being backed up, it is very easy to see and make sure that all of the client’s valuable data is safe.
  5. Peace of Mind - Since I started working at a cloud company life has been peaceful, the clients are safe and secure and worry free. When there is a problem it’s usually a simple fix. Other times clients just call to say how everything is working great, and as an engineer that really puts a smile on my face.

So take a look into the cloud, it could be the exact thing your company needs, it certainly makes my life easier.

Written by: Vic Braga
Cloud Support Engineer

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